Triple Science – Week 1

The theme of this week was the idea of being independent and being able to create an experiment to find out how certain factors affect the rate of reaction, without any help.

At the beginning of the week, we were given a booklet; within this booklet, we had to find two sources, briefly evaluate them, write a hypothesis, explain the hypothesis, write a brief method, complete a risk assessment and draw out the table for our results to go in. We started by choosing the factor we were going to test. For example, the choice were: Temperature, concentration, surface area or catalysts. I chose to do surface area. After this, we used iPads to research two different website which were appropriate to our chosen factor; we had to list what was good and bad about them. Furthermore, we used the information from our research to complete the booklet.

After we had completed the booklet, we were given another booklet to write everything up in detail and use it as preparation for our experiment. We had to explain the hypothesis, evaluate the sources, write a clear method and equipment list (describing the uses of the equipment) and then write a risk assessment and draw the exact table we would be using. All of this ensure that our experiments will run smoothly and the method needed to be clear so that anyone could look at it and repeat the same experiment.

To conclude, the part which I found the most interesting this week is that we have been given responsibility for our work and that we could choose the experiment and how we are going to investigate how our chosen factor affects the rate of reaction. Next week, we will be carrying out the experiment and finding out whether we have proved or disproved our hypothesis. One thing that I could say that I have found difficult is not being able to ask for help as I am someone who needs confidence in myself in order to be able to do my work without assistance.

Exam Questions

1) State 2 factors which affect the rate of a reaction. (2 marks)

2) Describe the effect of concentration on rate of reaction. (1 mark)

3) Explain why a reaction between concentrated acid and magnesium is faster than one with diluted acid. (3 marks)


1) 1 mark per factor.
Possible answers:
– Catalysts
– Surface area
– Concentration
– Temperature

2) 1 mark= As you increase the concentration, the rate of a reaction increases.

3) 1 mark = Concentration is increased
1 mark = Therefore there are more particles and more frequent collisions.
1 mark = Reaction will happen faster.

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